“Zibto Flat Controls” is a free style for most of Universal Windows Platform (UWP) controls and it designed by Orman Faghihi Mohaddes. I uploading this style to internet because I want developers use different UI with Windows 10 default UI. When developers are using default User interface, the users are tired to see a uniformly UI in their cellphone then they switch and leave their cellphones. You can use this style as free but you must write my name (Orman Faghihi Mohaddes) in your application’s Help frame. If you want a customized UI contact me: ormfm@outlook.com

List of Controls:

ZibtoTetBox, ZibtoEmailBox, ZibtoSiteBox, ZibtoDateBox, ZibtoPassBox, ZibtoComboBox

How to use:

1. Open your project in Visual Studio.
2. Project Menu > Add Exitions Item > Add ZibtoFlatButtons.xaml in downloades file.
3. In XAML tap in your visual studio project write this code on top of Grid tag: 

          <ResourceDictionary Source="../ZibtoFlatBoxes.xaml"/>

4. Go to a Button witch you like to apply one of Zibto Flat Boxes Styles and write: Style="{StaticResource x}"
Point: This package have many styles for button and you can replace x in Style="{StaticResource x}" whit one of these:


Point: ZibtoTextBox, ZibtoEmailBox and ZibtoSiteBox are for TextBox Element, ZibtoDateBox is for CalenderView Element, ZibtoPassBox is for PasswordBox Element and ZibtoComboBox is for ComboBox Element.

  Download Zibto Flat Buttons